Monday, April 26, 2010

Totally pissed off

We did the damn taxes without the Federal ID number the estate is supposed to have because it didn't arrive in time... and not only were our taxes rejected, the damn IRS wants to fine us.

The estate's lawyer is handling it... but I sat and cried for the first time in weeks.

It should not be so flipping hard to take care of the financial matters of one woman's estate.

Oh. And to top of it off... the college has decided since we have "all this money" from the first settling of her estate, we get no financial aid this next year. Yet when we did our FAFSA we were 4 thousand lower in our EFC (estimated family contribution) than last year.

(WTF??? the woman had ONE CD and a life insurance policy!)

I don't need the financial pressures on top of this. And my husband is sucking at handling stress right now, too.

I'm just mad. Sorry for venting.